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What I don't like about my new Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016)

I got a Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) and I'm a little bit disappointed, because:
Samsung has not implemented the camera2 API. Normaly every phone with Android > 4.4 should have this API. It gives the developers of photo apps more control about the camera. The Samsung Galaxy A5 has Android 7, but Samsung simple had not implemented this API. This is the reason why Samsung has to ship it with a custom camera app and does not include the Goggle camera app the the fancy deep of field refocus feature. (More infos here: second disadvantage is that the phone has no gyroscope. But without a gyroscoe it is not possible to use the phone with Goggles Cardboard is a virtual reality (VR) platform and the low-cost Cardboard viewer.
If you are interested in photographing or in Goggles Cardboard virtual reality (VR) platform, you should not by this phone.