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Low polygon 3D Europe map UPDATE 2

As the "Low polygon 3D Europe map" tutorial is on of the most read posts I have some more information for you.

1. Here you can download a complete land topography of the world as a digital image of the three-dimensional structure of the Earth's surface:
 2. The link to "Open Digital Elevation Model (OpenDEM)". You can use this data to create an similar image. (I haven't done this. It looks like a lot of work.)

3. Somegeneral information about Digital elevation models:

The two older post in this series:  Low polygon 3D Europe mapLow polygon 3D europe map UPDATE

Tutorial: Creating maps from geo tagged photos

If your camera is able to add gps coordinates to the photos you can use darktable to create a KML or geoJSON files with thumbnails of the photos.

Install the latest version of darktable: the latest version of the KML or geoJSON script: the scripst into the folder:
~/.config/darktable/luaAdd this lines to the file:
require "kml_export"
require "geoJSON_export"Import the photos into darktable: the settings:
Select all photos you like to have in the KML or JSON file.Export the photos:

And this are the results of the exports The KMZ opened in Google Earth
The KMZ opened in KDE Marble
The HTML file, that renders the geoJSON with the help of MapBox.  (To get the map rendered you need a MapBox account and insert the key in the darktable Lua options.)

Tutorial: How do I get Google Maps routes into Inkscape?

1. Create a new map with Google My Maps:

2. Create a route:
 3. Export as KML

 4. Go to and import the KML file:
 5. Use the export button to export it to SVG:
 6. Open the file in Inkscape

Maps for Photo Books

I love to add maps to the photo books. Here is a collection of some of them.  This is a example of a simple map without the visited places marked. I just added the big Texas label and the overview map of North-America. I used Inkscape and Gimp for this map.

 This is a map I made as a title for a calender. I marked the locations from the photos. This image was made with Inkscape.
 For this map I got the base image from Mapbox. Then I added the route and some details with Inkscape. To create the route I used Google My Maps, exported it as KML file and converted it to SVG.
Here I used a image from the NASA and added the flight route with Gimp and the text boxes with Inkscape.
Here I used Blender to create the map. I wrote a longer post here: Low polygon 3D europe map
Google My Maps and Inkscape
This satellite is a mix of different images to get as few as possible clouds. I've done this with Gimp. The route is painted in Gimp too. I added a street map in the background and the pho…