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Free Embroidery Tools

It's again this time of the year, that I write a blog post.
This time I’ve had to create an embroidery file. The initial design was made with Inkscape. Then I looked at different programs to create the embroidery file.

As I use mainly Linux I first looked at this programs:
Embroidermodder 2 Embroidermodder 2 is an open source program. It is far away from ready, but still active developed. The SVG import crashed even with the simples SVGs. What works is to use this tool as a viewer and converter for different file formats. Creating new files was not so successful.
Inkscape - Extension 1 There is an embroidery output extension for Inkscape. I tested it but was not very satisfied. Inkscape is not optimized for this job. You simply don’t have enough control.
Inkscape - Extension 2 And a second one as part of Embroidermodder. I haven't tested it.…