Maps for Photo Books

  I love to add maps to the photo books. Here is a collection of some of them.
 This is a example of a simple map without the visited places marked. I just added the big Texas label and the overview map of North-America. I used Inkscape and Gimp for this map.

 This is a map I made as a title for a calender. I marked the locations from the photos. This image was made with Inkscape.

 For this map I got the base image from Mapbox. Then I added the route and some details with Inkscape. To create the route I used Google My Maps, exported it as KML file and converted it to SVG.

Here I used a image from the NASA and added the flight route with Gimp and the text boxes with Inkscape.

Here I used Blender to create the map. I wrote a longer post here:

Google My Maps and Inkscape

This satellite is a mix of different images to get as few as possible clouds. I've done this with Gimp. The route is painted in Gimp too. I added a street map in the background and the photo in the layer above with 50% opacity. The rest was done with Inkscape.

The last map is again something different. For this map I got GPS coordinates from the camera. I used darktable and this Lua script to create a KML file. Then I just imported it into Google Earth.


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