Depth Map from Gallaxy S10 Photos

If you shoot with an Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus photos in the "Live Focus" mode Samsung saves four images. The first one is the one you see if you open the photo with any application. The second one is the image without any filter applied and the third one is the shot from the wight angle lens.

You can get the images from all cameras with the command line tool "exiftool" and this command:
exiftool -embeddedImage -a -b -W %d%f%c.%s test.jpg

Image 1, with blurred background "effect" applied
Image 2, without any filters added

Image 3, a photo from the wight angle lens

The fourth image is a depth map. The depth map is a raw 8-bit 1008 x 476 array and you can extract it with this command:
exiftool -EmbeddedImage -b test.jpg >

To open the image you can use the Raw data loader from Gimp. Use File -> Open... and then select the image. Now you need to change the image type to "Gray 8 bit", the wight to "1008" and the height to "476":

Raw Data loader in Gimp

Inmage 4, the depth map

Update: 11.80 released with two fixes for this image. The new version should read the DepthMapWidth/Height correctly, and generate a TIFF-format depth image for you (the DepthMapTiff tag).


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