Tutorial: Creating maps from geo tagged photos

If your camera is able to add gps coordinates to the photos you can use darktable to create a KML or geoJSON files with thumbnails of the photos.

  1. Install the latest version of darktable:
  2. Get the latest version of the KML or geoJSON script:
  3. Copy the scripst into the folder:
  4. Add this lines to the file:
    require "kml_export"
    require "geoJSON_export"
  5. Import the photos into darktable:
  6. Edit the settings:
  7. Select all photos you like to have in the KML or JSON file.
  8. Export the photos:

    And this are the results of the exports
    The KMZ opened in Google Earth

    The KMZ opened in KDE Marble

    The HTML file, that renders the geoJSON with the help of MapBox
    (To get the map rendered you need a MapBox account and insert the key in the darktable Lua options.)


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