The Hardware is good, but the Software sucks - Update

I have a new GoPro HERO5 Black the hardware is really nice

  • Voice Control
  • 2-inch Touch Display
  • Simple One-Button Control
  • Rugged + Waterproof
  • 4K Video / 12MP Photo
Not so cool is:
  • USB door stupid hard to open.
  • Cannot use camera in time lapse and charge at same time.

But the software has really some problems:
  • No RAW support in timelapse mode (Update: This is now possible with the latest firmware update)
  • The GPR (RAW) format is an extension to Adobes DNG format, adding enhanced compression.
    •  Using standard DNG with non-standard "enhanced" compression. Nice, now only Adobe is able to open this images. No Linux tool is at the moment able to open the images.
  • The GoPro Desktop and Mobile Apps are only usable with creating an online account.
  • The GoPro Developer Program/SDK costs $99/yr
    • GoPro use a lot of open source tools[1], but treads other developers like shit. [1]
  • You can't update the firmware without a registration

GoPro should really have a look at Yi, they are much more open and have a much better relation to third-party developers. With GoPro I have the feeling , that they are trying to get money from my data after they already got my money for the camera.


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