darktable geoToolbox Script

Last year I blogged about the KML and the geoJSON export scripts for darktable.

I've wrote an other script for darktable, the geo toolbox and it looks like this:

I'd like to describe the functionality here short:

Button 1 and 2: With this two buttons you can select all images with or without location information in the Exif tag.

Button 3 and 4: With this button you can copy GPS information from one iomage to an other. With the checkboxes you can select which part of the GPS information you like to copy.

Button 5 [open in Gnome Maps]: This button opens Gnome Maps and shows the position of the photo in the map.

Button 6 [reverse geocode]: This function is still not very useful. It uses a web-service from Mapbox to get information from OpenStreetMap about the place of the selected photo and shows this in an info window.

Button 7 [export altitude CSV file]: This function exports a CSV file from the selected images with the altitude in meters in one column and the distance between the images added together in km the second column.

With this files you are then able to create a diagram in e.g. LibreOffice Calc that looks like this:

Last but not least, below the last button is a label, that shows the distance between two selected images.


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